Community-Based Marketing Success: How GoMacro Runs A Powerful Ambassador Program

Here’s a look at how one of our inspirational customers runs its successful ambassador program! The Upward Labs team talked to GoMacro to get their take on how they mobilize and track their ambassadors and why their program is so important to the brand’s growth.



GoMacro is a family-owned nutritional bar company that was built around the macrobiotic lifestyle of better health, a balanced lifestyle and a concern for the environment and all its inhabitants.

GoMacro started a brand ambassador program in July 2014 because it wanted to increase brand awareness in key markets and to catalyze grassroots word-of-mouth marketing.  As Sports and Wellness Manager Payton Douglas says,

“Community-based marketing for us was a way to get consumers to put a face to the brand – and our ambassadors were the best people to test-run that theory.”

The brand had success with traditional online marketing but also realized that having its best advocates spread the word on its behalf, particularly in-person, is key to their growth.

To kick off the program, GoMacro recruited ambassadors that range from a yoga enthusiast to a sorority girl who promotes healthy living on campus. While the program showed positive results from the start, managing all aspects of the program was time consuming and it was difficult to scale. GoMacro was strictly using email to ask ambassadors to report activities. The quality and quantity of the information and results was all over the place and the brand wanted to find a solution that could help them keep track of and expand this powerful form of marketing.


GoMacro turned to Upward Labs to set up an ambassador hub and invite ambassadors in to participate. Their brand ambassadors immediately saw the value of building a community of GoMacro Ambassadors on their website along with a variety of activities that motivates them to represent GoMacro.

GoMacro set up activities such as:

  • having ambassadors find new events or new store introductions
  • promoting the brand within their local communities
  • sampling the product at events, ranging from races to school events
  • social sharing
  • content creation
  • gathering feedback for new activities

Early on, GoMacro could use its hub to effectively engage ambassadors in a community, to communicate with them all in one place and to keep track of and measure the value of its program overall.



The program has soared to new heights as GoMacro has already seen at least 2x the engagement and number of activities since launching the ambassador hub. GoMacro can also have ambassadors participate in a much richer range of activities, including store introductions, ideas for new events and marketing and community-building ideas.

“The ambassador hub provided our program the accountability and motivation it needs for our ambassadors to go out into their community.”

GoMacro has also found success in repurposing the authentic content ambassadors create into its other marketing. The social media manager might be looking for some fun St. Patrick’s Day content, and is able to collect ambassador photos for that holiday. Facebook fans love hearing the stories of real ambassadors and ambassadors love being featured and being part of a community!

Besides all the exciting engagement and ways that GoMacro has been able to expand the program, the hub allows Payton to save time in managing the program so she can focus on the more important aspects of having an ambassador program, such as recruiting new ambassadors and adding new activities. Being able to see every aspect of the program in one place, and house all communication there, is key to GoMacro’s marketing success.


Image: All Hands on Fitness Blog,

Are you looking to run a successful program just like GoMacro? Here’s a basic snapshot on how GoMacro runs its program.

How did GoMacro recruit ambassadors?

GoMacro used an online application to make sure ambassadors are the right fit for the brand, asking questions related to how prospective ambassadors embody GoMacro’s 5 core principles, their healthy lifestyle and their hobbies and interests.

What’s the term of the program?

Each ambassador participates for 6 months and GoMacro is constantly refreshing the program with new participants.

How does GoMacro manage the program?

GoMacro uses Upward Labs’s software to create an ambassador hub, notify ambassadors of new activities, track what they’re doing and get feedback and ideas for new marketing activities.

How does GoMacro reward ambassadors?

Ambassadors get a box of full-size and sample bars at the start of their term, along with the ability to meet the company co-founder via video chat (and get psyched to start the program!). GoMacro also offers additional swag and product from time to time. Ambassadors like the product, but most importantly, they like being part of a community and helping a brand they love.

GoMacro’s advice for other brands looking to start and manage a program?

“Keep it fun and always have a mix of activities because people have different strengths and interests.  Add new activities regularly and keep them relevant and interesting by doing activities around themes like holidays or seasons that have some relevance to the brand. Keep it about building a community and not just your brand.”

Want to start your own program and need an efficient way to manage it?



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